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How Long Does Weed Stay Good

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Weed doesn’t go bad the way a jar of mayo or another foodstuff might, but it can definitely be “off” or maybe moldy.

Old weed likely won’t cause any serious health issues if you don’t have any underlying conditions.

It can, however, have a clear drop by potency, which may be an enormous deal if you’re using it for medical purposes. Older weed also can undergo changes in taste and texture.

How Long Does Weed Stay Good: the fundamentals

Let’s get to the guts of the matter. How long is weed good for? Under ideal storage conditions, cannabis can actually stay relatively fresh for a surprisingly while .

If it’s been properly harvested, dried, cured, then stored, you’ll expect your weed to remain fresh for anywhere from six months to a year.

If you’ve done an exceptionally good job of storing your bud, and you’re a touch bit lucky, you’ll be ready to stretch that timeline even further. Possibly to the purpose of approaching two years.

But for most weed smokers, conditions are but ideal. within the absence of humidity controlled storage containers, and assuming that your weed will encounter a point of sunshine and therefore the temperature could be but perfect, don’t expect to urge a full year out of your weed.

So how long does weed last? generally , attempt to consume all of your weed within six months of buying it. But, of course, if you’ve invested in high-quality storage equipment, then you’ll push it bent the year mark.

How do i do know if mine’s old?

It’s mostly within the smell. Weed that’s past its prime will smell different or lose its aroma entirely. Some weed might even smell and taste harsh when it’s been sitting too long.

Its appearance also can offer you a clue on whether or not it’s old. Fresh weed shouldn’t crumble or feel spongy once you break it off. If it does, it’s old and either too dry or too moist.

Consuming it shouldn’t harm you, but be prepared for changes in texture and potency. The exception is weed that’s grown mold, which could potentially cause you to sick.

How do I check for mold?

Very carefully!

Mold is usually hard to ascertain unless you look very closely. It typically seems like white powdery or fuzzy spots, a number of which may be pretty small.

Moldy weed usually smells musty, quite like hay. It also tends to possess a touch of an “off” taste.

Even if your weed isn’t super old, it’s best to try to to a mold inspection. A study by researchers from University of California, Davis found bacteria and mold on 20 cannabis samples bought from dispensaries and pot growers in Northern California.

Mold on weed isn’t likely to cause major health problems, but it can cause nausea, vomiting, and coughing.

In people with weakened immune systems, inhaling smoke or vapors from weed containing bacteria or fungi could cause serious illness or maybe death.

If it’s or smells off, then you’re more happy tossing it, albeit you only bought it.

How should I be storing my weed, anyway?

Light, humidity, temperature, and oxygen can all mess with cannabis and affect its aroma, taste, and potency potential.

Here’s what to think about when storing weed to assist keep it fresh and maintain its quality for as long as possible.

Choose the proper container

Ditch plastic baggies and containers. Plastic holds static which will affect delicate trichomes — the small , crystal-like hairs on flowers that produce cannabinoids and terpenes — and mess with potency.

And forget those funny little tins, too, because they let in an excessive amount of oxygen.

Glass jars with an airtight seal, like mason jars, are the thanks to go. They don’t have any static charge and limit oxygen exposure. Plus, they’re inexpensive and straightforward to seek out .

Most dispensaries also sell containers designed to stay weed fresh for as long as possible.

Watch the humidity

Weed is best kept at a ratio of 59 to 63 percent. Any higher and you run the danger of trapping moisture, which may cause the expansion of mold. Anything lower can cause your weed to dry out.

To help you preserve your stash, you’ll add humidity packs to your containers if you actually want to urge fancy. you’ll also go the additional mile and store your weed during a humidor made specifically for cannabis.

Keep it cool, dark, and dry

Keeping weed during a cool and dry spot faraway from sunlight is as important because the container you employ , if less so.

Direct sunlight can cause cannabis to interrupt down, and an excessive amount of heat can hold moisture and cause mold.

Keeping it somewhere too chilly, on the opposite hand, could dry it out and lose those precious trichomes, which is why the fridge and freezer aren’t recommended.

Aim to store cannabis during a dark place, sort of a closet or cabinet, with a temperature below 77°F (25°C).

Can’t I just put it within the freezer?

Everything lasts longer within the freezer, right? almost .

Freezing temps can cause trichomes — the small hairs on flowers that produce cannabinoids — to become brittle and break off when handled.

Keeping weed within the freezer also can expose it to moisture and end in mold.

The bottom line

Weed shouldn’t go bad if you store it properly. By keeping it during a sealed container faraway from heat, moisture, and sunlight, it should keep and potent for up to a year.

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