10 Great Korean Dishes

1. Kimchi

This signature Korean dish has been around for quite 2,000 years, dating back to the Shilla Dynasty. Kimchi consists of Korean cabbage, radish, pumpkin, onion, ginger

2. Bibimbap

Another must-try during your visit to Seoul is bibimbap, a filling and nutritious dish that’s widely available in restaurants, food courts, and street markets

3. Red rice cakes (tteokbokki)

Tteokbokki may be a traditional Korean street food that’s made with thick slices of garaetteok fish ball , onions, diced garlic, salt, sugar and various vegetables that are stir-fried in sweet red condiment .

4. Bulgogi

Bulgogi consists of thin slices of marinated beef sirloin that are cooked alongside sliced onions, green peppers, and garlic employing a charcoal burner, leading to a particular smoky flavour.

5. Korean stew (jjigae)

There are many various sorts of jjigae in Seoul, but this Korean stew usually contains meat, seafood or vegetables during a broth seasoned with hot pepper paste

6. Jajangmyeon

A Korean-Chinese fusion dish, jajangmyeon uses thick handmade wheat noodles topped with raw cucumber slices and a mix of salty black soybean paste, diced pork and vegetables.

7. Samgyeopsal

Samgyeopsal is another staple Korean dish that needs little culinary skills, where chunky slices of side of pork are cooked on a grill at the diners’ table.

8. Korean fried chicken

Korean fried chicken takes on the quintessential American nutriment with its own unique flair. Unlike its American counterparts, the chicken is coated with a sweet and spicy sauce

9. Spicy cold noodle (bibim nengmyun)

Bibim nengmyun is served during a chrome steel bowl with a chilly broth, julienned cucumbers, Korean pear slices, coddled egg , and slices of cold boiled beef.

10. Ginseng chicken soup (samgyetang)

Locals believe that the body’s energy must be replenished during summer, so it's a standard practice for them to consume a piping hot bowl of samgyetang

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