10 Situations That Are Pleasant to Introverts

What if the person behind you is too close or too far? Introverts suffer with this. Automatic doors prevent embarrassing internal debates about holding the door open. Should I wait awkwardly to open the door? Automatic doors prevent the pretend-run. When someone opens the door for us, we all do it to avoid being rude or running away. Not having to do the door dance is easier.

Automatic doors, or doors that remain propped open.

Nothing can compare to that calming sensation you get when the cart stops, the doors open, and the tiny compartment is cosy and empty. There is a breath of satisfaction that there will be no small talk in the near future. With a second person aboard, the 45-second ride may seem to go for hours. Should I make a weather comment? I may perhaps compliment their ties? I might just act like I'm absorbed in my phone.

Empty elevators.

While our more extroverted peers may find this idea boring, introverts relish the idea of having the entire evening to pursue their non-plans. Extroverts have a more active dopamine reward system, which enables them to handle social circumstances that would typically exhaust their introverted counterparts, according to recent research that specifically examined this issue. 2020 Granneman

A whole afternoon and evening with absolutely no plans.

Before the meeting begins, there is no need for small talk with the folks nearby. And no mandatory post-conversation loitering for small talk? Yes! Small chat typically wears an introvert out. It might be boring, pointless, and even exhausting to have superficial interactions. However, socially outgoing individuals frequently cannot relate to this exhaustion. They simply don't experience the same level of physical and mental exhaustion the majority of the time

Zoom meetings instead of in-person.

 Having a reason to stay home and spend time alone without feeling guilty is quite relaxing.

Rainy days

It is just so distracting and overstimulating. You know when you know.

When salespeople let you browse without talking to you or trying to sell you something

It's simpler to gauge whether an activity has concluded while gathering in a neutral location, making departure less unpleasant. Many introverts dislike the requirement to stay and chat after dinner when they are at someone else's place.

Dinners at a restaurant instead of someone's house.

or without a "bless you" from anyone. Is it just me, or does this seem extremely random? Why not after I sneeze? or poop? Even with all the humour, I understand the motivation, but I still find it strange and intrusive that someone is watching and reacting to my bodily functions, and then I am required to say "thank you." Perhaps the aspect of obligation is what makes it seem strange to so many of us who are introspective.

Sneezing alone

If a call is needed, an SMS explains the circumstances. Instead of just "Call me when you can," which sends a jolt of anxiety through many people, a text explaining what the call is about helps decrease the inevitable overthinking that happens prior to getting on the phone. Introverts dread "What are you doing Saturday?" texts. Why? Wedding? Need moving help? Specify!

when a call is avoided in favour of a text.

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When you read the words "We are sorry to notify you that unfortunately the event is cancelled tonight," ahh... that feeling of relief.

When an event or another plan is canceled