10 Surprising Moon Facts! (That Were Totally Wrong)

Scientists believed the moon's volcanic activity ended hundreds of millions of years ago, when the interior cooled and the crust stopped shrinking. Not true. Moon is receding.

Moon won't be football-sized anytime soon. It's only shrunk 150 feet in a few hundred million years, so it should still be there in 2024.

1) The Moon Has Been the Same Size For Millions of Years

Scientists believed the moon was dry until recently. No water had been identified on the surface, in the atmosphere, or in the interior of the moon, despite Apollo scientists' belief that ice could exist on the far side.

In 2009, trace water was found. Then, in 2010, it was discovered that it had "100 times" more water. Eight years later, ice was found near the moon's poles, imitating Earth, and water was found inside.

2) The Moon Is a Dry, Barren Wasteland

Asian folklore may have suggested the moon was made of cheese. In an ancient legend, a fox persuade a wolf to eat cheese instead of him. The cheese was actually the moon's reflection, but the wolf was tricked and drank the entire lake.

1902 American Journal of Psychology poll of 423 youngsters found that some kids thought the moon was made of cheese. Kids thought the moon was made of rags, gold, balloons, yellow paint, God, and "dead people in a circle of light."

3) The Moon Is Made Out of Cheese

People have long believed a full moon causes insanity, behavioural disorders, seizures, fertility, and teenage werewolves. "Luancy" derives from "luna" in Latin, which means "moon."
Recent studies have been inconclusive. Several studies have linked the moon's gravity on human behaviour. Others say a full moon emits more light, which keeps people up and causes sleep deprivation and behavioural problems. The alleged "evidence" was patchy, poorly performed, and biassed, according to a late 1980s analysis of 100 studies.

4) Full Moons Make People Go Insane

In 1835, the most widely read newspaper reported man-bats on the moon. The New York Sun described four-foot-tall, bat-winged, copper-haired humanoids who lived in pyramids.

It took a month for the New York Sun to reveal it was a fake meant to satirise science and religion. It improved the newspaper's readership, proving that people prefer a good narrative more than the truth.

5) There are Bat-Winged Humanoids on the Moon

History is known. In April 1945, when the Soviets marched through Berlin, Hitler and Eva Braun decided to live out their days on a Nazi lunar colony.

No way. Hitler died via poison and temple gunshot. Some believe the Nazis established a lunar station in 1942. When it became evident the Nazis would lose World War II, they reportedly fled for another. Their ship was a flying saucer like the one that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

6) Hitler Lived on a Nazi Lunar Base

Apollo 12 experimented on November 14, 1969. After returning to the command module, they crash-landed the lunar module. It landed like a tonne of TNT, causing a "moonquake" that lasted an hour. Apollo 13 crashed a tonne of equipment, causing a greater impact and lengthier moonquake. The moon "rang like a bell," said planetary experts.
This has led conspiracy theories, including some promoted by a cable station, to claim the moon is hollow. The unusual results aren't because the moon is hollow, though. It's dry, unlike Earth. Water weakens stone and dampens vibrations like a sponge. Earthquakes end rapidly on dry, ridged bodies like the moon. Dry rock, not hollowness, causes a moonquake to last longer.

7) The Moon Is Hollow

Stanley Kubrick is secretly paid by the US government to manufacture a moon landing on a Hollywood sound stage.
There's evidence this isn't true. He was already prepping A Clockwork Orange. Also, 1969's technology couldn't produce the photos we saw on July 20. Too much lunar landing footage and images exist. Kubrick's daughter debunked this theory this year.
Some believe another Kubrick masterpiece was an apology for faked moon landing.

8) Stanley Kubrick Filmed the Moon Landing

Every Apollo mission since Apollo 11 planted an American flag. The hope is that they'll remain there forever or for a long time. Not exactly. As the astronauts left, Aldrin noticed the Apollo 11 flag blown over by the rocket blast. Tony Reichhardt of Air & Space Magazine speculated in 2008 that the flag had deteriorated. It cost $5.50.
NASA confirmed in 2012 that the other five flags are still standing, but likely faded from UV radiation and temperature variations on the moon. They're probably tattered, washed-out white cloth. So long, flying stripes

9) The U.S. Flags Are All Still Standing


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