10 Ways You're Wrecking Your Belly Fat Loss Goals

We've been brainwashed into believing that eating as little as possible is the most effective way to reduce weight, despite the fact that this strategy frequently fails.

You eat too little.

If you don't eat whole, natural meals on a regular basis, you're probably eating too many overly processed, empty-calorie foods like cakes and cookies, which might undermine your weight loss attempts.

You don't eat enough
whole foods.

Leafy greens are extremely effective weight-loss nutrients. Why? For extremely few calories, they deliver largely water and healthful nutrients.

You don't rake in enough leaves.

By piling on heavy salad dressings, you may convert a healthy, fresh veggie salad into a whole calorie bomb without even realising it.

You drench salads in dressing.

Fiber keeps us full and helps us break the cycle of overeating that can lead to calorie overconsumption and weight gain.

You forget about fiber.

You've probably heard of the phrase "liquid lunch." It's not just about having a beer at noon. Drinking high-calorie beverages is a common way to consume more calories per day than you realise.

You drink too many calories.

Sugaring your drinks or cereal can build up to a lot of extra sugar calories without you even realising it.

You use added sugar packets.

Don't abandon your pals, but be mindful that social pressure can cause you to consume more food at dinner than you intended.

You hang with partiers.

A weight scale can be an effective tool for losing weight. Or not. For one thing, it doesn't always precisely show your body fat loss progress.

You obsess over your bathroom scale.

If you don't remember the behaviours listed above, they're just words. So, take out a pen. Keeping a journal is the finest tool for recognising self-destructive tendencies.

You don't write yourself reminders.

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