11 facts you might not know about 'Sister Act'

Whoopi Goldberg briefly had the title of one of the most well-known movie stars in the world. Naturally, she was successful in a variety of contexts. After all, she is an EGOT recipient. She could perform her magic if placed in a high-concept scenario. That is unquestionably the case with Sister Act, a movie about a witness protection case who hides out in a convent as a nun. Here are 20 things about this 1992 hit that you might not know.

An effort to produce Sister Act started in 1987. Bette Midler is the obvious pick. Midler decided against playing a nun because she did not believe her fan base would be interested. When Goldberg was contacted, she agreed.

The initial selection wasn't Whoopi.

The Sister Act screenwriter Joseph Howard does not exist. Paul Rudnick wrote the original script. After that, it was revised by a number of screenwriters, including renowned script doctor and well-known actor Carrie Fisher. Rudnick thought the script no longer resembled the one he created, even though he would still be the only screenwriter with credit. He decided to use a pseudonym as a result.

The screenwriter wrote under an alias

With Sister Act and Dirty Dancing, Emile Ardolino has a pair of timeless films to his credit. His life and career were tragically cut short. Ardolino passed away in 1993 from AIDS-related complications. He wasn't even 50.

the tragically premature death of the director

Isis Carmen Jones is the actress that portrays Deloris when she was younger in Sister Act. Evidently, some individuals believed she resembled a young Whoopi Goldberg. She also portrayed a younger version of Guinan in Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1992.

Deloris the young has performed Whoopi twice.

In 1992, Keitel managed to land roles in two movies that prominently starred nuns. Naturally, Sister Act is one of them. Bad Lieutenant is the alternative. Saying that, avoid scheduling those two movies as a family double feature.

In the same year, Harvey Keitel starred in two quite different films about nuns.

Hey, most of us can't distinguish between different orders of nuns, so we won't be pulling out the knives for Sister Act. Even so, various orders adopt various habits. Although the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis wear the same habits as the nuns in Sister Act, the nuns in Sister Act are Carmelites. Well, just saying "Carmelite" is a lot simpler.

The nuns' attire might use some work.

St. Paul's Catholic Church in San Francisco's Noe Valley area served as the setting for the movie. The church in the movie is supposed to be in a deprived neighbourhood, yet the area was upper middle class at the time. In order to make the setting work, they had to dress down the area around the church.

They opened fire in San Francisco.

The movie was filmed on location in Reno, where some of the action in it takes place. But when filming, the post office acted as a police station. Why did that happen? Evidently, director Ardolino felt the police station didn't look like a police station sufficiently.

There was a stand-in for the Reno police station.

Sister Act has many songs, so making it into a stage musical really makes sense. The musical spent over a year in London's West End before debuting on Broadway. On April 20, 2011, the Sister Act musical made its Broadway debut. It ran for 561 performances before it was shut down in August 2012.

A musical was created from the film.

Two writers were reportedly hired in 2018 to develop Sister Act 3 for Disney+. After a period of silence, Goldberg announced in 2020 that she had also agreed to star in the film. Tyler Perry has agreed to produce, which should guarantee that the movie will finally be made.

A third film is in production.

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