11 Jobs That Could Vanish in 25 Years

"Warehouse workers filling orders for Amazon are in danger. [Jeff] Bezos has said he wants fully automated warehouses. They're developing robots that can work 24/7, unlike humans. Elon Musk has also been open. He knows robots get complicated with simple tasks, so his warehouses will never be human-free, but the work will be different." Frisco Maids GM Alberto Navarrete

#1 warehousing

Self-driving cars will use AI to drive and apps to identify passengers. Payment will be by credit card swipe, and there will be no driver to tip.

Taxi, Uber, and ride-share drivers "

"Payroll job demand is plummeting. Payroll clerks, coordinators, managers, specialists, etc. We think payroll systems like Gusto have increased demand for these jobs. Gusto recently passed 100,000 paying businesses and has a $3.8 billion valuation." Silicon Valley HR expert Patrick Algrim

Payroll staff

"My company is developing an AI algorithm to replace pricing analysts. AI will have machine learning to determine product costs and market trends. Pricing analysts currently do this manually in Excel. These positions have high turnover." Developer Becky Beach

Technicians "Tesla is making waves in the auto industry, and this is just the start. The industry is moving toward electric and autonomous cars.


"Transitioning assembly-line workers to robotics is one of the most anticipated changes. Since 1947, 3 million manufacturing jobs have been lost despite $4 trillion in economic growth. Robotic equipment can maximise efficiency and lower production costs, so soon only skilled trades or industry-specific technical requirements will be needed for manufacturing jobs." Dennis Theodorou, JMJ Phillip Holdings MD.

#5 Line-assemblers

"Deep-sea divers have explored, researched, and treated ocean floors for decades. This dangerous work requires skill. This field increasingly relies on robots and drones. Australian experiments using robots to repair the Great Barrier Reef have been successful, and there are plans to increase these efforts 10-100 times in the coming years. Drone divers can go deeper, withstand greater pressures, and stay submerged nearly indefinitely." Museum Hack's Marketing Director Michael Alexis

Deep-sea divers

"Automation will have a severe impact on the job market, but I think it will hit hardest in industries or roles with a high risk of human error and catastrophic consequences. People think I mean air-traffic controllers. Technological limitations will keep humans in that role. Every day, a computer can't handle many abnormal situations. This doesn't mean that will never change." —Jason Yau, E-Commerce VP and GM

Air-traffic controllers

"In Japan, humanoid robots take orders and deliver food. McDonald's automates its ordering process in the U.S. In the future, workers in the back may still cook and assemble your order on a cafeteria tray, but no one will need to call out "Jack, your order is ready!" or deliver it to the table." —Handrick

Fast-food restaurant servers

"This is about changing lifestyles and automating work. Electronic readers and audiobooks are popular alternatives to paper books. People also read less. Libraries won't disappear overnight with books burned in a bonfire, but the rental system will likely go online."


"Chatbots are friendly AI bots that replace customer-service agents. Maybe the days of waiting hours for customer service are numbered. Bad news for customer service professionals. Thinkbots can do the same job and are cheaper and faster." —Maftean

#10 Customer service representatives

"Since 2005, we've had trouble finding apprentices or young painters. Our workforce is ageing, and so are our competitors. Uninterest in commercial painting contributes. Maintenance-free surfaces also help. New material science technologies make walls, ceilings, and floors non-coated. Younger people are less interested in becoming commercial painters, and new building materials reduce demand." Jeff Neal, Penn Coat project manager

Commercial painters

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