Amazing Dog Brain Facts




A dog's brain is a tangerine

Brainpower is generally related to brain size. Dogs have tangerine-sized brains. 

By Ryan Brookes

Happy people schedule regular exercise and follow through on it because they know it pays huge dividends for their mood.

Dog's cerebral cortex differs from human's
Human and dog brains exhibit morphological and functional differences. The brain's cerebral cortex varies the most.

When you sleep, your brain literally recharges, removing toxic proteins that accumulate during the day as by products of normal neuronal activity. 

Enough Sleep 

Dogs can experience depression.Dogs, like humans, can experience depression, anxiety, and PTSD (PTSD). Anti-anxiety drugs like SSRIs can assist.

Dr. Jill Sackman, a veterinarian with a PhD in molecular and cellular biology, says Prozac helps dogs with anxiety and sadness.

By nature, we fall into routines. Sometimes you get so caught up in your routine that you fail to appreciate the little things in life.

The caudate nucleus is part of the brain's basal gan

Happiness spreads through people. Surrounding yourself with happy people builds confidence, stimulates creativity, and it’s flat-out fun

Right People

00 A dog's brain analyses smellsDogs' big olfactory brains suggest they have a keen sense of smell. Dogs are trained to sniff out bombs, drugs, and work on search and rescue teams because of their great sense of smell and correlation of scent with memories.

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