4 Beginner Fitness Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them

Mistake 1: You Only Do the 'Bro Split'

This classic one body part-per day regimen always seems simple and easy to follow—and most guys have tried it at one point in their training day

The problem with the bro split, Sa, is that this routine prevents your body from getting the proper amount of stimulus it needs to facilitate muscle growth and strength.

In order to gain strength, you need to do core exercises—and keep doing them—because practice makes perfect.

Mistake 2: Changing Exercises Too Often

 When you’re getting started, it’s much better to get better at the basics instead of filling your training split with a rotating list of exercises.

When your goal is building muscle, most experts recommend trainees work out using sets of six to 12 reps— a.k.a. the hypertrophy range.

Mistake 3: You're Not Focusing on Power or Strength

These lower rep sets, you’re getting to build power and explosiveness since you'll be working with heavier weights. He recommends adding one exercise in the two to four rep range to your split to help push your strength and power. 

Contrary to what you might hear, sometimes it’s better to take more rest time in between sets. Instead of taking about 20 to 30 seconds between sets

Mistake 4: You Don't Take Enough Rest Time