4 Worst Foods To Eat for Achy Bones

If you're experiencing achy bones, the bones in your body could be experiencing extreme tenderness or other discomforts. 

You might feel this way when you get sick with the flu or have a bone fracture. However, it can also be from longer-term problems such as arthritis.

While you can take temporary relief medicine for achy bones, you can also watch your diet. The foods you eat can help or make the situation worse. 


Processed red meat

"Products like high-fat hot dogs, fast food burgers, or sausages are pro-inflammatory and could increase the risk of joint problems.

Sugary drinks

"In general, drinks with added sugars, such as regular soda and sweetened lemonades or teas, have also been associated with inflammation and this may contribute to elevated joint issues.

Full-fat dairy

Although dairy products can have some beneficial effects on your bones due to the calcium, they can also be harmful because of the casein, which is a possible contribution to inflammation in your joints.

Certain types of seafood

Hembree suggests that there are some kinds of seafood that give you a higher chance of achy bones than others.

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