5 Drinks to Keep You Hydrated 

During Sweaty, Hot Days

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Water is beneficial to your body's wellbeing. From assisting weight loss to preventing belly bloat and maintaining appropriate organ function.

Water with electrolytes

A beverage with electrolytes will keep you hydrated or restore you more effectively than plain water during those hot summer days or a difficult training session.

Fruit smoothie

Dehydration can be helped by eating potassium-rich fruits like oranges or bananas, according to Young. Fruit smoothies with bananas, berries, unsweetened almond milk, and ice are also hydrating and potassium-rich.

Coconut water

On a hot day, coconut water is an excellent option "Young continues. "The best option is unsweetened coconut water, which also contains electrolytes like potassium.


Gatorade is the most well-known sports drink, having been around for the longest. It offers the least sugar and calories of many of the drinks I see on the market if you need a glucose spike and electrolytes.

You'll probably spend more time outside when the weather gets warmer. Your body will feel dehydrated whether you're growing your plants, going for a run, or simply soaking up some vitamin D.

When you're dehydrated, certain drinks should be avoided since they make you thirstier, so it's crucial to know which ones to bring with you on those sticky, hot days.

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