7 Incredible Side Effects of Giving Up Cheese

If you love cheese then you are not alone. According to statistics, on average each American consumes up to 40 pounds of cheese annually. However, this really should come as no surprise.

Stuffed into sandwiches, melted onto pizza, stacked high on charcuterie boards—no matter what, cheese seems to be everywhere. And while cheese is undeniably delicious, it can have downsides and unintended health side effects.

Your skin tone and texture may improve

Lowering your cheese, and dairy, intake may have a positive effect on both your skin tone and texture. This is because dairy products have been linked to excess oil production.

You may experience fewer headaches and migraines

"Cutting down on cheese may reduce headaches and migraines caused by the effects of tyramine found in cheese," explains Bellinger.

You may lose weight

Eating excess cheese may also negatively affect any weight loss goals you may have. "Cutting down on cheese may help you reduce weight.

You may lessen your risk of cancer

This is because by eating less cheese you are ingesting less casein, a protein found in milk that may be linked to illness.

You'll be living more eco-friendly

"It requires a lot of water to produce milk in general," Hunnes points out. She shares that it takes three times as much water to produce dairy milk as opposed to the average plant-based milk.

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