7 Secrets to Living Your Longest Life

Dump This Diet and Adopt This One

The researchers discovered that starting eating the optimal diet at the age of 20 might add 13 years to a man's life and ten years to a woman's.


Adults who reach or surpass the World Health Organization's recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week can add five years to their lives, according to one study.

Own a Dog

The University of Toronto discovered that owning a dog was linked to a 31% lower risk of cardiovascular disease and a 24% lower chance of mortality from any cause.

Get Better Sleep

Scientists believe that obtaining enough sleep lowers your chance of ailments that can decrease your life span, such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and dementia.

Reduce Stress

Chronic high stress shortened people's lives by 2.8 years in males and 2.3 years in women, according to researchers.

Form and Nurture Good Relationships

The most important predictor of who will live to reach an octogenarian in good health and happiness was how happy they were in their relationships.

Maintain a Sense of Purpose

Scientists tracked 7,000 persons over the age of 50 for five years and discovered that those who gave their lives the lowest score in purpose were twice as likely to die as those who gave it the highest.

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