12 Reasons Why You Have Nausea After Eating

1. Viral or bacterial infection

Ever heard of someone catching a stomach bug? This is just that: If you’ve caught a viral or bacterial infection, your whole body is going to go through it. 

2. Food poisoning

You can have a physical reaction to eating rotten food. This can happen if you leave food (like meat or dairy products) out for too long, or your food has been mishandled

4. Stress and anxiety

Your body can have physical reactions to stress and anxiety even if it’s been simmering for days on end.

5. Acid reflux

You can get heartburn shortly after eating, especially when you’ve been eating spicy foods or a greasy or heavy meal. 

6. Irritable bowel syndrome

Sometimes, your intestines just don’t move the way they need to. If you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you may have issues moving stool through your intestines.

7. Overeating

Once your stomach is full and food is still sitting there and you continue to eat, you’re going to feel nausea.”

8. Medications

Some medications like neurological medications, anti-seizure medications, diabetes medications and mood-altering medications can affect your appetite and eventually lead to nausea. 

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