8 Remote Jobs That Pay $50/Hour

Analysts secure company and customer data. Data is a valuable asset, so these positions pay well. Some don't require experience and pay above $50/hour. The corporation may expect local employees yet accept telecommuting.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Data has become more and more vital and part of our everyday lives. This profession liaises between data scientists and software that makes data understandable and edible. They must modify the data to make it software-ready. Data pipelines let them combine data from diverse platforms. Google estimates that Data Engineer II, AWS Immune pays $72 per hour.

Data Engineer

Infrastructure engineers maintain a company's computer systems. They may help teams move code to AWS (Amazon Web Systems). They make sure the system runs smoothly. They assist cloud-based systems and teams. Bachelor's degree may be required.

Infrastructure Engineer

Not all high-paying remote jobs are in IT. COVID-19 expedited various developments, including telemedicine. Previously in-person healthcare employment may now be remote.
Licensed clinical social workers provide psychological care to adults and children. Psychologists can also work remotely today. Social workers may need a master's degree. These jobs can be done remotely, but require licences in the states where persons practise.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

White hat hackers, also called ethical hackers, hunt for application holes to attack. Then, they try to eliminate the flaws. Meta, Facebook's parent company, has a job listing requiring two years of experience. Meta pays $60 an hour for a similar work.

White Hat Hacker

Full-stack developers can create client and server software. "Full-stack" refers to developers who can do both. They must know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. One year of experience is required for a hybrid remote role.

Full-Stack Software Engineer

This is another wide title, although responsibilities are similar to a technical project manager's. This includes assessing software requirements and coordinating technical initiatives. It involves partnering with project managers on significant initiatives.

Technical Project Owner

An analyst evaluates data to provide finance and market reports. These papers highlight market trends to inform business decisions. Data mining and data visualisation may be part of their daily work. The function may also need regular data monitoring and management report presentations.

Business Intelligence Analyst

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