A new COVID bivalent vaccine is anticipated in the US this fall.

The U.K. approved a bivalent booster shot for adults on Monday, making it the first nation to do so. This shot would protect against both the original COVID virus and the Omicron strain.

This vaccine, which will probably be offered in the United States starting in the fall, is anticipated to offer greater and more enduring protection against COVID and its novel forms.

Sony Salzman, coordinating producer for ABC News' Medical Unit, discussed the new bivalent vaccine and the nation's vaccination programme. British regulator approves Moderna's COVID booster

FIRST: The UK became the first country to approve a new COVID immunisation yesterday. ABC's Sony Salzman is in our medical unit. Sony, has the tide turned? How effective is this vaccine?

SALZMAN: Brad, I believe it to be a tipping moment. With the introduction of these new vaccines, I believe we will enter the pandemic's next stage, when, similar to the annual flu shot each year or season, we must develop a vaccine that is the best defence against the virus.

Moderna's combo shot is a new British vaccination. This vaccination is bivalent. It guards against the more recent BA1 Omicron strain and the initial Wuhan strain from 2020. So, it combines the two to offer better defence against the present versions.

BEGIN: Omicron cases surged in this country because people lacked immunity when this variety appeared. How do I acquire one, Sony? I want one. The U.S.

SALZMAN: We'll get a somewhat different version in the U.S. FDA looked at Moderna and Pfizer's presentations and stated, "That's OK, but even within Omicron, we have subvariants, right?" Omicron BA1 was the initial subvariant, but currently BA5 is the prevalent variant in the U.S.

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