Aces or Raiders? Mark Davis is annoyed to choose: | Opinion

Mark Davis feels both happy and irritated to have to make such a hard decision.

Davis told USA TODAY Sports, "I'm like a single mom who has two children I love very, very much and it's deciding which child to go see."

Since both of his teams are currently in action, he finds it foolish to match the WNBA up against the NFL at a time when the latter is finally starting to draw in more casual viewers. Game 1 of the W Finals will take place within both of the NFL's afternoon viewing slots.

"It doesn't make sense. It makes no sense," Davis remarked.

The justification that women's sports don't attract as large of an audience as men's sports is a long-standing one.

"We lack the eyeballs. How in the world are you going to draw attention when you're competing with the National Football League's opening day, though? Davis queried. That aspect is challenging.

The best athletes in the world are here, according to Davis. "We need players to commit to the game. If we invest in the product, we will receive many returns.

At that time, Davis declared, "I will most definitely be at the Aces game since it would be a deciding game." "Whether the Aces win the championship or not, I must be present if the game is crucial. Making this choice was somewhat made easier by the fact that Game 1 will be played at home. But it's challenging.

I want to be clear: The Aces are not a pastime, so it's definitely a difficult choice, he remarked. For me, it's the genuine deal.

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