Biden's gender colonialism endangers US interests and reputation

The US was an anomaly in COVID-19 masking schoolchildren.
 Now the U.S. is in danger of becoming an outlier again, this time on so-called "gender-affirming" healthcare, which means "mutilating children."

Progressives endanger another generation of children. Biden wants to export this radical gender philosophy.

Early in the COVID-19 outbreak, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control realised there was no science showing concealing children was harmful.

CDC overlooked evidence that disguising harms children. Masking helped prevent the spread of COVID-19, therefore everyone, including youngsters, wore one at all times. That was a major error. Masking harms children, and their benefits never existed.

Unfortunately, the progressive health establishment is too arrogant to learn. It's pushing a sort of "healthcare" that will irrevocably injure children and lead to litigation.

 Europeans see the threat of these new "treatments" to children's health before the U.S. The UK closed its only youth gender clinic after a 1,000% surge in patient referrals over a decade. Many of the patients were females attempting to become guys or autistic boys.

" According to a State Department paper obtained by Manhattan Institute fellow Leor Sapir, this approach involves punishing countries like the U.K., Sweden, and Finland that oppose "gender-affirming" care.

Biden wants to force other countries to adopt a national norm that takes doctors' expertise to diagnose patients and gives it to disturbed children.

The email apparently encourages embassies to "provide strong material" on "conversion therapy methods" of other countries, conflating "un-gay" treatments with those that injure and mutilate minors. 

The Biden administration wants to designate patience and talk therapy as "conversion therapy" and a human rights violation if the U.K. deems that's the best treatment for a girl who thinks she's a boy.

Biden's use of Title IX to force women to compete with stronger, quicker males is bad enough. Infecting our nation's foreign policy with reality-denying trash threatens national security, not to mention youngsters who risk mutilation in the name of U.S. taxpayers.

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