Can you guess the world's most faked brands?

The popular outdoor apparel brand is widely counterfeited. ICE seized 50,000 fake North Face jackets from a New York warehouse in December 2015. Clothing is the second most counterfeited sector, and 62% of fakes come from China. State police in Columbus, New Jersey, intercepted North Face products.

The North Face

Cartier is fighting counterfeiters who copy its watches and jewellery. In 2016, Cartier won a court ruling in the UK ordering ISPs to block websites selling fakes of its products. Two years later, the Supreme Court ruled that Cartier should fund the website-blocking order itself. A steamroller crushes 2,000 fake Cartier watches on Fifth Avenue.


For good reason, the internet is full of guides on how to spot fake Levi's jeans. Fraudsters often imitate the iconic denim brand. Classic 501s and 550s, especially pre-1970 Big E 501s, are the most pirated styles. Chinese markets sell fake Levi's jeans.


37% of fake medicines seized are erectile dysfunction drugs, and Viagra is the second most counterfeited drug in the world. In 2012, 77% of Viagra purchased from 22 websites was fake. U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized $32 million in counterfeit goods from China in 2020, including 1 million fake Viagra pills (pictured).


Ray-Ban sunglasses are the most faked. The 'best' fakes are easily mistaken for real ones, but they lack UV protection and can damage eyes. The photo shows Ray-Ban Wayfarer knockoffs in China.


Gucci quit the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition because of Alibaba. The luxury Italian brand also cracked down on paper copies of its bags in China, which are traditionally burned at funerals as offerings for the dead. Recent research shows the problem is worsening. China made a poor copy of a Gucci makeup bag.


Chanel's quilted 2.55 bag, chic wallets, and No 5 fragrance are often targeted by counterfeiters. Between October 2017 and January 2018, Los Angeles and Long Beach seized 475,056 fake perfume bottles, including Chanel. The UK's Mail on Sunday reported that DHGate was selling a fake Chanel handbag for $69.


Louis Vuitton is one of the most pirated luxury brands, but LVMH protects its trademarks and copyright. High-end French conglomerate spends €15m a year fighting fakers. Its efforts fall short. South Korea seized more fake Louis Vuitton products than any other brand between 2012 and 2016, and authenticator site Entrupy found 50.9% fake Louis Vuitton in 2019. A sales assistant in Beijing displays a fake Louis Vuitton monogram bag.

Louis Vuitton

Bulgari's distinctive designs are often imitated illegally. Fakers love the B.Zero1 ring.


Samsung is one of the most affected by fake tech products. The South Korean company's Galaxy line of smartphones is the most counterfeited, with most coming from China and ending up on websites targeting Western customers. Subpar smartphones are worldwide. 213 mobile phones and over 1,000 tech accessories were seized from seven Nairobi shops in 2019.


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