China Just Reported First Human Case of H3N8 Bird Flu

The first human case of the H3N8 strain of avian flu has been detected in China. "Early infections should always be treated properly and extensively, with sensitive contact testing to guarantee no further spread."

1. What Exactly Is Bird Flu?

After being detected in North American birds in 2002, the H3N8 strain has been present since then. H3N8 had previously been found in dogs, seals, and horses, but this is the first time it has been found in humans.

2. Who Is Infected?

On April 5, a four-year-old kid in Zhumadian, Henan province, developed a fever and other symptoms, and was subsequently admitted to a medical centre for treatment on April 10.

3. How Did the Infection Happen?

According to China's National Health Commission, the patient was directly infected by birds because the family reared chickens and lived near wild ducks and crows.

4. What About Other Bird Flu Strains?

Last year, the number of human cases of H5N6 bird flu increased in China. "This year's surge in human cases in China is concerning. It's a virus that kills a lot of people."

5. There Is Currently a Bird Flu Outbreak in the U.S.

After the greatest epidemic of bird flu in the United States since 2015, about 23 million birds have died, with Iowa being one of the worst-affected states.

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