Drinking milk can increase risk of developing prostate cancer, study finds

A new study suggests that drinking milk can increase the risk of developing prostate cancer in men.

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Researchers from Loma Linda University in California recently published their findings in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 

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The team studied 28,737 Seventh-day Adventist men in the U.S. and Canada and monitored their diet and health for several years. 

Researchers found that men who drank 430 grams, or 1 3/4 cup of milk

 per day had a 25% increased risk of developing prostate cancer compared to me who only drank 20.2 grams of milk per day

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Men with higher intake of dairy foods, but not nondairy calcium, had a higher risk of prostate cancer compared with men having lower intakes," the study‚Äôs authors noted. 

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