Fountain Soda Is Much Worse Than Regular Soda—Here's Why

The whirr and fizz of soda dispensed from a fountain spout is a soothing sound.

It promises a sugar rush, with bursting caffeine poised to touch your tongue, and some soda connoisseurs claim that the machine pour is also the greatest for flavour.

They claim that the flavour of fountain soda is significantly superior to that of bottled or canned soda. While there is some space for discussion on that point, there is less to question when it comes to the actual differences in recipes.

Fast-food establishments make everyone's favourite pour-into-a-paper-cup delight by blending pre-packaged syrup with water and loading it into the machine.

Of course, each fast-food business sets its own requirements for mixing. There is, however, room for error. Because not every employee will load the soda machine in the same way,

The fountain system is far less automated than the one behind bottled soda cans, due to corporate discrepancies and human error.

Consider the following scenario: you approach the Coke machine. In our post-COVID era, we're all a little hesitant about touching a button that has been touched by many other individuals and may or may not have been sterilised recently.

According to a survey of ten fast-food chains, 60 percent of the outlets' ice cubes showed greater bacteria counts than water samples taken from their toilets.

Some of the acetaldehyde in the bag could leach into the mix, just as it does when acetaldehyde leaks from a plastic container into the drink.

While there is little strong data on the possibility of plastic contamination, research proving that the soda stream itself is contaminated abound.

Whatever way you look at it, soda is not a healthy beverage option, but if you must have it, drink it out of a glass bottle or can.

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