Here are the best new iPhone features of IOS 16

Apple's new iPhone won't be available until Friday, but older phones will get a software upgrade today.
iPhone and Apple Watch users will likely receive an update notification in the next 24 hours (the update will likely drop around 6pm UK time). Your device will download and install the update once it's plugged in and charging.

Whether you plan to buy an iPhone 14 or Apple Watch Ultra, these new features should refresh your iGadgets.

Apple's new lockscreen design emphasises personalization.
Users can modify the time, date, and other information's typeface and colour and customise the background with 3D effects or a photo slideshow.

Redesigned lockscreen

iOS 16 will introduce 'passkeys' to replace passwords.
Touch ID or Face ID biometric verification is synchronised to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV with end-to-end security.
It allows you to sign into websites, apps, and services without a password on non-Apple devices. If you lose or break your iPhone, you can retrieve your iCloud Keychain.


You may now modify and delete texts received through Apple's iMessage programme.
You have 15 minutes to recall or alter a message, like if it's in the wrong group chat. If you use Apple's Mail app to send emails, you can now 'unsend' them within 10 seconds.
It now flashes a prompt if you neglect to add an attachment or recipient, like other email programmes.

Unsend and edit texts

iPhone photographers may now remove foreground items.
You can trim around a plant, product, or person in a photo and utilise it in other programmes. This function requires iPhone XS or later.


Metropolitan, Playtime, and Lunar are the latest watch faces. First is analogue, second is digital, and third shows moon phases.
Apple Watch notifications won't cover the entire screen during a workout. Instead, they'll appear as tapable banners.

Some updates:

Watch dials

Updated WatchOS 9

Apple included running power, stride length, ground contact duration, and heart rate zones.
Wearers may add intervals to workouts and switch between running, cycling, and swimming automatically.


Apple Watch can use the accelerometer and heart rate sensor to determine REM, Core, and Deep sleep if worn to bed.

Time asleep, heart rate, and breathing rate are displayed in the sleep app.

Better sleep and medicine tracking

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