historical facts


People used to hire "knocker uppers" to wake them up before alarm clocks were invented. They would do this by banging on windows and using long poles.
They additionally employed pea shooters. That job sounds like fun, right?

Human alarm clocks

Pope Gregory IX expressed his worries about witches in Germany, whose rites featured cats, in a letter addressed to the king of Germany in 1232 that was titled Vox in Rama ("A Voice in Rama").
Cat killings in large numbers allegedly followed. Since then, cats in general—and black cats in particular—have been stigmatised.
However, it's possible that the reported cat killings helped the rat population flourish, which in turn helped the plague spread!

Pope Gregory IX deemed cats evil

In reality, the English author who is best known for creating the Gothic book "Frankenstein" kept her deceased husband's heart in a box on her desk.
Percy Bysshe Shelley, a poet, perished in a boating accident when he was 29 years old.

Mary Shelley kept her dead husband's heart

Although the Romans engaged in several questionable practises, using urine for tooth hygiene is rather cutting edge even today!
Nevertheless, there is some order to the chaos. Ammonia, which is abundant in urine and has stain-removing qualities. Perhaps the Romans had a point after all.

Romans would use urine as mouthwash

Catherine, Peter the Great's wife, had an affair with Willem Mons. In addition to killing him, Peter the Great also devised a sinister scheme to make his wife think about her adultery.
In order to remind Catherine of her affair, Peter the Great killed his wife's lover, put his head in a jar, and placed it in her bedroom.

Peter the Great made his cheating wife feel guilty every day

The actual person was Mary Sawyer, and in 1816, she did bring a baby lamb to school.

John Roulstone, a young man, saw Mary bring the lamb into class without permission and wrote a poem about it. Then he gave Mary the item.

'Mary Had a Little Lamb' is based on a true story

According to legend, US President Lyndon B. Johnson had discussions on the toilet.

He installed a phone in the White House bathroom so he could conduct business while using the restroom.

Toilet meetings

Albert Einstein was given the chance to take over as Israeli president after Chaim Weizmann's passing in 1952.

David Ben-Gurion, the Israeli prime minister at the time, had the concept. Even though Einstein ultimately declined, we can only speculate as to what could have transpired if he had.

Albert Einstein could have been president of Israel

During World War II, the Spanish double agent Juan Pujol Garca operated for both the British and the Nazis.
Garca later received the highest honours for his services from both sides: the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross from the Nazis.

A double agent was awarded by both the Allies and Axis powers

The German pharmaceutical company Bayer began selling heroin as a cough treatment in the 1890s.

In fact, the business up until 1912 actively promoted its usage for youngsters.

Heroin was used to treat children’s cough

The 19th century was plagued by various sewage and drainage issues in Chicago. Therefore, it was agreed to raise the city level.
In fact, throughout the 1850s and 1860s, jackscrews were used to physically raise Chicago streets and buildings by almost four feet (1.2 metres).

Raising of Chicago

Although the last of these animals perished about 1650 BCE, we frequently link them with the Ice Age.

They therefore survived the time when the Egyptians were constructing the pyramids. It seems likely that the Great Pyramid of Giza had already been in existence for a millennium when the last mammoth perished.

Woolly mammoths were still around when the pyramids were built


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