How exercising in the heat affects your body

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"During exercise in hotter temperatures, our body does this great thing called thermoregulation, which is the body's ability to maintain our internal temperature within a safe range

Every time you sweat, that’s an indicator that your body is thermoregulating. Increased blood flow is another sign. "The two combine to cause higher heart rates to perform the same amount of work as compared to a temperate environment,” she explains.

You’ve likely experienced this for yourself if you’ve ever tried hot yoga or Pilates and it felt more challenging than when you’ve done either practice in a non-heated room.

How hot is too hot to exercise in the heat?

Every body responds differently to heat depending on how used to high temps it happens to be. But all of us should be mindful when the thermostat rises past 90 degrees.

Exercising in temperatures higher than 91.4°F can increase the risk of heat exhaustion, which occurs when the body is unable to maintain proper blood flow to all organs and the skin for thermoregulation at the same time

How to prepare your body for exercising in the heat

In a word: hydrate. "Before exercise, always drink two glasses of water, then during the activity try to drink four to six ounces of fluids every 20 minutes, and always drink again after you are finished

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Because one of the primary ways your body cools itself down is by sweating, you’re losing water through your skin. Something else you’re losing are electrolytes—sodium in particular

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