Major Fast-Food Burger Chain Is Planning to Go 50% Meatless

KFC recently introduced plant-based "chicken" nuggets, Taco Bell experimented with plant-based meat derived from peas and chickpeas, and McDonald's released the McPlant to mixed reviews.

The restaurant was one of the first to offer vegan meat. The Impossible Whopper was introduced in 2019, and same-store sales increased by 6% in the following quarter.

While customers in the United States are increasingly critical of BK's vegan burger, the chain's most ambitious push into veganism to date—a month-long 100 percent vegan menu at one of its high-traffic locations in London—was a "shocking success."

Incidences of plant-based products in Europe during the quarter, and we're exploring for additional market opportunities to develop the platform in Europe and around the world.

Burger King UK spokesman told Insider that the most popular products from the 100 percent vegan menu will likely be added to other Burger King menus in the near future.

"It's right in the middle of everything, so hungry drunk people, for example, won't have many options," Dominique Samuels explained. "Burger King has been there for as long as I can remember.

Considering that Burger King painted the store green for the duration of this experiment with enormous signage that state "100 percent plant-based,

Tyson spent $1,954,176 on lobbying in 2021, while Koch Foods (a poultry company) spent $12,178,000—all in the hopes of retaining their massive fast-food business, according to watchdog group Open Secrets.

While we applaud Burger King's meat-free ambitions, we don't think a 50 percent meat-free menu will be implemented without a fight in the United States.

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