Mistakes You're Making at the Gym That Can Shorten Your Life

You're going heavy all the time

Although it's important to challenge yourself and force your muscles to work harder, it's not good to constantly train heavy or max out all the time. Heavy level means 5 reps or above.

You're relying on pre-workout supplements

Many people who are living an active fitness lifestyle consume pre-workout supplements such as powders or drinks regularly in order

You're skipping your warmup

An important part of every workout that can sometimes be overlooked is warming up properly. 

1. Viral or bacterial infection

Ever heard of someone catching a stomach bug? This is just that: If you’ve caught a viral or bacterial infection, your whole body is going to go through it. 

It's essential to go through a warmup routine, as it helps improve your range of motion and flexibility, increases your core temperature

If you don't warm up properly, you can increase your chances of injury and experience a sub-par workout.

So take five to 10 minutes to go through a dynamic series of movements such as squats, lunges, shoulder circles, and pull-aparts to prepare your body for the training session.

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