Moment of appreciation leads to celebration for Tuskegee Airman from area students

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A chance encounter for Sewickley Academy kindergartener Talon Ivy at a restaurant in Industry has led — in a roundabout way 

to students from kindergarten to eighth grade within the school sending birthday cards to Tuskegee Airman Victor W. Butler, of Rhode Island, for his 100th birthday.

During an outing with his parents and grandparents in early May for breakfast

Ivy spotted some local veterans eating in the same establishment

"The students really wanted to learn what the plane looked like, what it carried, things like that," Petruska added

 "Eventually, some of the children made the cardboard replicas. We love to encourage them to run with that curiosity and see how much they can learn.” 

That curiosity branched off into other sections of the military, pilots 

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