Moms' Stay-At-Home Jobs

Like numbers? Bookkeepers oversee accounts, invoicing, payroll, and other finances. They use Excel, Quickbooks, and accounting software. If you have sole responsibility, these occupations pay up to $20 per hour. Bookkeepers make $43,148/year or $21.16/hour.


Before becoming a mom, you may have been an accountant. After the pandemic, more accountants are working from home. Accountants make $53,784 per year, or $24.06 per hour.


Tax preparation doesn't require a CPA, but you should be good with numbers. Tax preparation is seasonal, bustling before April 15, the traditional filing deadline. H&R Block offers tax training for a charge. Tax preparers make $48,936 annually or $21.03 per hour.

Tax Preparer

Data entry specialists can undertake online transcribing, mining, and research. This occupation requires fast typing, an eye for detail, and proficiency with most Office applications. Data entry workers make $39,192 annually or $17.98 per hour.

 Data Entry Specialist

Billers and coders keep our healthcare system working properly. Using codes, they categorise patient services, from billing to treatment quality. This sector has work-from-home jobs, but they require training and experience. They make $35,258/year or $19.33/hour.

Medical billing/coding

A graphic designer uses images, words, and effects to convey ideas. Graphic designers and illustrators design. Color, contrast, and balance are important.
Graphic designers earn $59,120 annually or $21.90 per hour. Illustrators augment books and other material with visuals. $45,498 per year.

Graphic Designers & Illustrators

A social media manager maintains individual or business accounts and develops plans to attract followers, produce content, and examine metrics. They develop a company's visibility through writing, research, and SEO. This career suits organised stay-at-home moms. Social media managers make $60,140/year or $22.59/hour.

Social Media Manager

SEO experts are in demand online. Social media alone won't grow an internet business, companies know.
SEO experts evaluate a website's quality. The specialists optimise the website for search engines, raising its ranking. SEO experts make $56,095, or $26.31 per hour.

 SEO Specialist

Write often? If you write well, consider freelancing. Find your niche. Profile, writing, and voice take time to create.
Online writing jobs are plentiful. A professional blog makes showcasing your work easier. You can start by pitching editors online. If you're new to freelance writing, ask if you can guest post.

 Freelance Writing

Gardening is helpful. It's mild exercise, relieves tension, and is extremely satisfying.
You save money by not buying produce at the grocery store and selling your plants, seeds, fresh and dried herbs, fruits, and veggies from home. If you raise enough produce, you can sell it at farmers' markets for extra cash.


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