NFL's 1-0 liars: Don't be duped by them

Week 1 included the usual NFL surprises, late-game mistakes, and heroics. Some Week 1 winners were unfazed. Others aren't sure if Week 1 is the start of anything special or if they're faking it. These teams are scammers.

Geno Smith's performance against Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos astonished many. It's time to moderate expectations for a Seahawks team with no one entering 2022.

Seattle Seahawks

Smith's 82% completion rate against the Broncos is unsustainable. Seattle is 0-1 and on the Week 1 Powerless Ranking because to Denver's penalties and bonehead plays, and because coach Nathaniel Hackett didn't "let Russ cook.

Goodness. Just when the Bears look good, BAM! The Packers are coming. Chicago should delay Rodgers' debut by a month. Packers weren't good vs. Vikings last week. This usually backfires. Bears' A-rod. It has Chicago's emergency numbers. Rodgers will throw for 250 yards and two touchdowns (his WRs may need glue).

Chicago Bears

Bears defence looked excellent against Niners, but they played in bad weather and faced a rookie QB. Green Bay's weather may be comparable, but the opposition QB is not. 5-22 against Rodgers' Packers.

Saquon Barkley's ran for 164 yards, a TD, and nearly 9 yards per carry. Barkley had the ball swatted out of his hands with four minutes left in the contest. The ball bounced 10 yards forward and out of bounds before the Titans could pounce. Tennessee was up 20-13 and would've won easily. Jones was 17-of-21 for 188 yards.

New York Giants

The Giants called a courageous 4th-and-1 play on their final drive, which Jones converted, setting up the game-winning TD. Even in the NFC East, such a performance won't last 17 weeks. The Giants won four games last year, so progress is feasible, but six wins would be surprising.

The Bengals messed up early but still forced overtime with the Steelers. Pittsburgh's defence forced four Joe Burrow interceptions and held Joe Mixon to 3 yards per carry. The Steelers' offence, especially the running game, was lacklustre. Najee Harris ran for 23 yards before being hurt.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Mitchell Trubisky was mediocre. He completed 55% of his passes for 194 yards and a TD. This offensive won't cut it in the AFC North or the conference. Pittsburgh's winning streak won't last. Defenses no longer carry teams. In Week 1, the Steelers were lucky, but that won't last.

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