Nut Could Help Protect You From Alzheimer's

Some foods may help your mind function more effectively, while others may harm your cognitive ability.

Researchers looked at how oil extracted from walnuts affects the function of mitochondria, our cells' major source of energy, and other functions in a cellular model published in the journal Nutrients on April 19.

The researchers found that walnut oil could be a "promising agent" in the fight against the disease, but more research is needed.

"Clinical investigations have shown that walnut eating boosts cognitive performance in the elderly."

Walnuts have also been linked to a number of other advantages, including aiding sleep, improving heart health, and preventing liver damage.

Alzheimer's disease is a neurological disease in which one's memory, thinking, and other cognitive abilities deteriorate over time, causing problems in daily living.

By 2060, analysts predict that percentage to rise to 3.3. They recommend getting checked early to enable persons who have the disease and their family cope as effectively as possible with the obstacles it entails.

According to some study, following the Mediterranean diet, or a variant of the Mediterranean diet designed specifically for brain health known as the MIND diet, can help protect you from it.

Regular exercise, having an active social life, and engaging in brain-stimulating activities can all help reduce your risk.

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