On 9/11's 21st anniversary, US remembers victims

Joe Biden attended a ceremony at the Pentagon on Sunday to mark the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark A. Milley laid wreaths for the victims.

"That sunny morning, terrorism struck. Smoke and sirens flooded the skies (...). The history of the U.S. altered on 9/11, but the spirit of this nation, which the terrorists hoped to harm, did not "stated Biden.

The president praised this American's "sacrifice, love, compassion, strength, and perseverance." Biden highlighted the people who seized control of Flight 93 from the attackers and the police and firefighters who worked at Ground Zero.

Biden said Flight 93's civilians "experienced the first shot of a new war and chose to fight back and sacrifice themselves to prevent their jet from being used as a weapon."

Biden swore to "never forget" and demanded "justice for the attackers." "We hunted down Usama bin Laden for ten years, and this summer I authorised a hit against (Ayman) Al Zawahiri, Bin Laden's 9/11 right-hand man and current Al Qaeda head. Al Zawahiri will never again be allowed to threaten the American people "saying

Al Zawahiri was murdered July 31 in Kabul by a U.S. drone strike. Biden termed the attack "justice." Biden: "We won't hesitate to defend the American people."

Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, and Doug Emhoff visited the World Trade Center and Flight 93 crash site.

Jill Biden has been in Shanksville, while Harris and Emhoff have been in New York.
Saturday night, two massive light cannons were lit to remember the Twin Towers.

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