One Major Effect of Eating Mangos

It's inherently sweet and tasty, but unlike sweets, it always carries a nutritional punch. While different nutrients can be found in different fruits, many people are unaware that mangos are particularly high in one vitamin.

There are numerous advantages to eating mango, but one of the most important is its high vitamin C concentration.

Benefits of vitamin C

"When it comes to fulfilling your estimated Daily Value of nutrients, one of the major health benefits of eating mango is that it packs a nutritious punch.

"One cup of mango alone contains 99 calories, less than 1 gramme of total fat, 277 milligrammes of potassium (7 percent DV), 2.6 grammes of fibre, and 100 percent DV of vitamin C," according to Campbell.

According to the USDA, one mango has up to 122 milligrammes of vitamin C, whereas the daily recommended dose is just 75 to 90 milligrammes.

According to Rachel Fine, RD, owner of To The Pointe Nutrition, "some studies shows that vitamin C intake during the cold season may modestly lower symptoms of colds and help us get over colds faster."

Other benefits of mango

Other potent nutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in mangos can help you maintain your overall health.

"Mango checks all of the boxes," Campbell says. "It is a nutrient-dense food that is high in vitamin C, potassium, and fibre while containing little to no salt, saturated fat, or cholesterol.

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