Police: Father-son duo beat man at Florida wedding reception.

New York (Knewz) – During an altercation at a Florida wedding reception, a father and son brutally assaulted a man.

The Volusia Sheriff's Office reports that Joel O'Grady, 38, and Julian Falkinburg, 21, both of Sanford, Florida, are wanted on aggravated battery charges after beating a man during a wedding celebration in Lake Helen.

The father-son team and the victim got into a disagreement on September 3, according to the police. The victim was repeatedly hit in the head and face, and was being beaten until he passed out.

This must be the first time we've featured a father and kid in SCUMBAG OF THE WEEK, but they merited it. Volusia Sheriff's Mike Chitwood wrote on Facebook, "Not just kicking a man when he's down, but when he's unconscious."

According to authorities, O'Grady and Falkinburg fled the scene after the victim was transported to the hospital and are still at large.

"A father should now demonstrate to his son what it means to take ownership of one's actions. Chitwood urged people to "turn yourselves in and provide your side of the story" on social media.

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