Researchers unearthed one of the best-preserved dinosaurs ever.

The two relics, a foot and part of a tail covered in petrified skin, are likely to belong to a duck-billed Hadrosaur dinosaur that died 77 million to 75 million years ago, 10 million years before dinosaurs went extinct.

To remove all of the bones off the mound, scientists started digging at the site.

If we're extremely lucky, some of the other internal organs may have survived as well as it appears that the animal will be covered in skin.

It would be one of the best-preserved dinosaur fossils ever found and provide scientists a better idea of what the dinosaur would have looked like when it was roaming the Earth if the remains are in the same condition.

If the creature's stomach contents are preserved, scientists may be able to identify when it last ate.

It was extinct 76 million years ago. Since that time, it has been perfectly preserved, and the scientist claimed that as we passed by, it was just beginning to erode away from the cliff.

This animal was probably killed by a river bank falling upon it, or it perished and then was immediately covered by sand and silt in the river. Although young hadrosaur fossils are uncommon to discover, they are plentiful in North America.

Finding juvenile dinosaurs in the fossil record is crucial because it can reveal a lot about how their lives developed because dinosaurs actually matured very quickly.

It's too soon to determine the precise species. Pickles added that scientists will have to examine the cranium. Since the animal was still maturing at the time, the skull may yet differ from anything previously described.

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