Six ways to improve your lettuce wrap ?

Choose sturdy greens for the best results in holding and wrapping ingredients like creamy chicken or turkey salad.

Greens options such as bibb, romaine or little gem lettuces work well. Some whole leaf lettuces will also work in wrapping or holding ingredients.

1. Select your protein: If you don’t have cooked turkey as listed in our recipe for Turkey Salad Wraps, leftover chicken works just as well.

2. Adjust your sauce: Typical salads are laden with fat and calories from the sauce. In our recipe, we’ve cut that fat and calories and added a few nutrients, like protein and calcium, by using reduced-fat mayonnaise and non-fat Greek yogurt.

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3. Include veggies: Our recipe calls for celery and onion, but feel free to add more. Chop up some cucumbers, red peppers or carrots for added crunch, flavor and nutrition.

4. Add fruit: We’ve added dried cranberries to our recipe, but if you don’t have cranberries in your cabinet, you can use raisins, slices of strawberries, halved grapes or chopped apples.

5. Try texture: For crunchiness, we used walnuts, but any nut or seed works well, too. For extra flavor, try toasting them. Here’s a quick “toasting” trick: Simply put the nuts or seeds on a plate and microwave them, 30 seconds at a time, until evenly toasted.

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