Surprising Side Effects of Drinking Espresso, According to Dietitians

1 It could disrupt your sleep

Too much caffeine, which is abundant in espresso (unless you drink decaf, but who does? ), can keep you awake later than you'd like or cause restless sleep.

2 It can make you anxious

Caffeine-induced anxiety disorder is defined by the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) as a condition in which caffeine interferes with daily functioning.

3 It can increase your heart rate

Atrial fibrillation is a condition that has been described in young people who have drank energy drinks with excessively high caffeine levels.

4 You better be near a bathroom

Espresso can dehydrate you because caffeinated drinks have a slight diuretic impact, which means they can make you need to urinate more frequently.

5 It can cause digestion problems

Espresso (and coffee) have a well-known laxative effect, which has been linked to the release of gastrin, a hormone produced by the stomach that increases colon function.

6 It can fuel your workout

A brief dose, with around 75 mg of caffeine on average, about 30 minutes before your workout will help you feel energised without feeling bloated.

7 It can be a memory booster

A study conducted at the University of California discovered that drinking two espressos improved memory consolidation. The subjects' long-term memory was then improved as a result of this.

8 Don't overdo it

"Many healthy persons can consume up to 400 mg of caffeine per day. That's roughly four cups of brewed coffee or five to six espresso shots "She clarifies.

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