Teenager attacks pregnant woman pushing stroller

A pregnant woman who is pushing her two children in a pram is being attacked by a 15-year-old girl.

The 37-year-old lady is seen in the Facebook video wheeling a stroller when she is attacked from behind. It looks like the perpetrator pulled the victim down from behind by grabbing her by the hair.

On September 5, about 12:40 pm, the attack occurred in Ashfield, Australia. The distressing footage was shared on Facebook by the Western Australia police.

In a later scene of the film, a number of police officers show up at a residence and appear to be looking for someone. They take someone into custody and depart the house.

Prior to the attack, it appears to be a normal day in the neighbourhood as children go by on scooters.

Detectives in Midland are looking for information about the attack that happened on Smallman Place. According to the police, the perpetrator also made an effort to seize the victim's handbag.

A short while later, police arrested the 15-year-old girl at a house in Ashfield. She is accused of committing robbery on one count. The case is scheduled for September 13.
The alarming video's attack is still being investigated by police.

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