Teigen realised her miscarriage was an abortion.

The American model revealed in 2020 that she had miscarried at 20 weeks and lost the child as a result.

Miscarriage was the term used at the time to describe the loss, and she shared heartbreaking images from her hospital bedside.

She now claims that after knowing the child wouldn't live, she was forced to make "tough and agonising" decisions.

The procedure, she claimed, was "an abortion to save my life for a baby that had virtually no chance," and she had only lately come to accept this.

She claimed that after discussing the issue with Legend, when her husband revealed that she had actually been one of those people forced to choose an abortion, she had expressed pity for them.

"I announced that we had miscarried, and everyone else concurred; it was reported in every headline," the woman added.

"I felt stupid that it had taken me over a year to actually comprehend that we had had an abortion," the woman continued, "and I became extremely irritated that I didn't, in the first place, explain what it was."

Just call it what it was, please. It was a miscarriage. To preserve my life, I underwent an abortion for a child that had no chance. And to be really honest, I didn't put that together until a few months ago.

She described how she rushed to the hospital because her bleeding had gotten worse and how the staff "tried bags and bags of blood transfusions" but to no avail.

Teigen and Legend also have two more children, who are now ages six and four, and another pregnancy.

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