The Big Secret Wall Street Will Never Tell You About Investing

"We help people, corporations, and institutions build, maintain, and manage wealth."
"Our methods are fine-tuned, deliberative, time-tested, and risk-aware to generate above-market results."
Investment pros develop and manage a portfolio matched with your goals.

Wall Street has several messages for its customers.

These messages are meant to convince you that you need their highly skilled, well-paid specialists. Some people do well with these services. When you do, you may pay 1% or more of your invested assets annually in fees. Managing $200,000 for you may cost you $2,000 or more per year. $20,000 over 10 years.

Not everyone's talented. Some may not be skilled.

Some may have biases. Non-fiduciaries may not behave in your best interest.

A big annual charge will reduce your return, even if they're good.

Remember these things concerning financial advisors:

Wall Street's biggest secret is that you can do well without their advice. If you don't know much about investing and think you need to spend a lot for help, think again.

Invest in a broad-market index fund that tracks the S&P 500. Many index funds have tiny fees. Your 401(k) may provide index funds. If not, open a brokerage account to buy index fund shares.

Wall Street investing advisors aren't necessary.

If you think index funds are a compromise and will produce lesser returns than professionals, consider this: 83% of managed large-cap stock mutual funds underperformed the S&P 500 index over 10 years, and 94% over 20 years.

That's right — it's pretty hard to beat index funds as a totally powerful strategy to grow long-term wealth.

Index funds are powerful. The stock market has averaged 10% annual returns over long periods, though your investing time frame may be 20 or 40 years.

Index fund growth


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