The state of religion in 


Do religious freedoms get violated by France's stringent brand of secularism?

These days, the question is hardly original. Laicité, the severe version of secularism practised in France, has long been the subject of debate over its impact on religious freedom.

People of various faiths have accused French President Emmanuel Macron's administration of occasionally going too far as the government has tightened its control over laicité in recent years.

Particularly for French Muslims, this is true. French lawmakers passed a highly contentious "anti-separatism" policy last summer.

The measure, according to Macron, the bill's main proponent, aims to halt "Islamist separatist" by strengthening French secularist values.

However, the law's 51 articles, which are intended to prevent radicalization, threaten many Muslims' right to freely practise their religion.

However, people of all faiths claim to occasionally feel restricted from freely practising their religion. 

The World's special hour is a journey throughout France by Paris-based correspondent Rebecca Rosman as she discusses the freedom of religion in France today with Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and atheists.

There is the tale of a town's struggle to maintain a statue of the Virgin Mary in a town plaza. The attempt by one guy to establish a "French Islam" and the reaction against it.

Jews in France who claim they don't feel secure practising their faith at home.

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