The Ultimate Guide to Adventuring in Walla Walla

Where to Run

Just two miles east of Walla Walla, Bennington Lake is a 50-plus acre reservoir encircled by rolling hills of gravel roads.

Where to Dine

After running for miles, you’ll probably need some refreshments to recharge. Walla Walla’s rich soil and mild climate are ideal for growing organic produce, so in addition to the wine industry, the town is ripe with amazing restaurants.

What Else to Do

On rest days, make time for the town’s burgeoning art scene. Telander opened the Telander Gallery eight years ago, and since then, the Combine Art Collective has opened as another resource for regional artists to show their work.

The Walla Walla Foundry, established in 1980, is one of the largest contemporary art fabricators in the world and while you can’t visit the facility

you can take a self-guided sculpture walk through the Whitman College campus to see some work created at the Foundry.

As for performance arts, the Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival presents classical music concerts in intimate local venues (including some of the many local wineries) during the months of January and June

The Walla Walla Symphony is the longest continuously running symphony west of the Mississippi and has concerts through the year. 

It’s worth it to check out the Gesa Power House Theatre calendar for other musical performances as well as plays, lectures, comedians and more.

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