This one sauce causes weight gain and inflammation and should be avoided.

What can't ketchup do? This iconic condiment is as American as apple pie (which you shouldn't top with ketchup).

Best warns that eating some types of this sauce consistently can be dangerous. Many of us prefer sugary ketchup.

"Manufacturers have started offering ketchup without added sugar, but most consumers still prefer regular ketchup," she says.

The sugar in your favourite ketchup might wreck your health. Best says "most ketchup products have 4 grammes of added sugar per tablespoon." Yikes! You probably use more than a tablespoon in many meals.

"Multiple teaspoons of this condiment are used during a typical supper," she says. Definitely.

We know ketchup has a lot of sugar and that sugar is bad for you, but how much damage can it do? Yes, many.

"Too much added sugar increases calories and chronic disease risk," Best says. This sweet condiment harms your gut health.

A high-sugar diet promotes gut dysbiosis and an imbalance of gut microorganisms, she explains. What?

You don't have to give up ketchup for your gut and waistline. You might be surprised by how good healthy, low-sugar versions taste.
Best recommends using alternatives to regular ketchup. Noted!