This Type of Food Will Increase Your Mortality Risk

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Ultra-processed is ultra-deadly

Conducted at Loma Linda University, this massive research project (including over 75,000 participants) demonstrated that eating a lot of ultra-processed foods is associated with increased mortality risk.

Bad vegetarians & good non-vegetarians

Put another way, ultra-processed foods are the common mortality denominator among both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

The research

The proportion of one's diet made up of ultra-processed foods in comparison to less processed foods AND the proportion of one's diet made up of animal-based foods (meats, eggs, dairy) in comparison to plant-based foods.

Recruited from Seventh-day Adventist churches, each subject filled out a frequency food questionnaire featuring 200+ food items. The surveys gave researchers an idea of each person's daily diet.

That people who get roughly half of their total calories from ultra-processed foods experience a 14% uptick in mortality in comparison to others only getting about 12.5% of their daily calories via ultra-processed foods.

Avoid red meat, too

That being said, when the team at LLU separated animal-based foods and meats into specific categories, one particular offender became apparent: red meat.

A statistically significant 8% jump in mortality risk was associated with moderate (roughly 1.5-ounce daily) intake of red meat in comparison to eating no red meat at all.

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