This Unexpected Ingredient Will Make Your Smoothie 10x Creamier

Tossing in some avocado may help make your blend creamier, but it will likely leave behind a lingering flavor. If you swap those out for unflavored collagen powder, however, you're in the clear. 

The mbg beauty & gut collagen+ specifically has a consistency that's ideal for smoothies because it's not too grainy yet holds up well enough to add density to your blend. 

This unflavored option is actually invisible when it comes to taste, meaning it will take on whatever flavor profile you're going for that day. 

Not only do you get a creamy, delicious texture, but you also reap some skin and full-body benefits.* We've already waxed poetic on the many benefits of our collagen blend, but here are a few to jog your memory: 

1. t promotes skin elasticity and hydration*

2. Supports strong hair and nails*

3. Enhances skin moisture and smoothness*

4. Supports a healthy intestinal lining*

While collagen supplements, in general, tend to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails, not all of them support optimal gut health (or deliver seven additional powerhouse ingredients, mind you).*

One of the most targeted and effective ways to promote your body's natural collagen production is through collagen supplementation.* And when it's as easy as tossing one scoop of powder into your smoothie every day.

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