Wave slide seen in viral videos will reopen.

After a jarring ride last week sent several park visitors flying, the Giant Slide at a state park in Detroit has reopened.

On August 19, Belle Isle Park officials posted on Facebook that they were closing the popular Giant Slide to "make some tweaks to the pace" after some guests took to the air while descending the inclining, undulating slide.

After being closed for two years due to the pandemic, the slide was reopened last week, but the Michigan Department of Natural Resources closed it by the end of the day after social media users posted videos of people jumping into the air.

On August 21, park management declared that they had wiped down the surface and sprayed water on the slide between rides to slow it down since it reminded them of New Jersey's infamous Action Park.

In a Facebook video, a park staffer explained how to ride the six-lane slide properly while wearing the burlap bags that are given to each rider. Additionally, he highlighted that motorcyclists should lean forward to smooth out any bumps.

Riders must be at least 4 feet tall and pay $1 to ride the slide, which debuted in 1967.The ride resumed on August 20 without any problems after a rocky start.

After Labor Day weekend, the slide in Detroit regularly closes. It is typically open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the summer.

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