What makes people attractive

In addition to being drawn to certain fragrances on an individual basis, some people's smells are more alluring than others.


Hormones Men see women as smelling better when their levels of progesterone and oestrogen are low (indicating high fertility).


It has been demonstrated that males who consume a lot of fresh produce smell more alluring to women.


Health People typically smell better when they are healthy.

However, since humans often have a weak sense of smell, kissing has significant psychological significance.


When progesterone levels are low and oestrogen levels are high, men find the voices of women to be more attractive.

Women's voices

Women are more drawn to lower-voiced guys just before they begin to ovulate.

A proposed evolutionary explanation for this is that a person with a lower voice might be bigger (and stronger), better able to survive in the wild.

Men with low voices

People who are most sexually active are given the highest ratings when strangers judge the attractiveness of people's voices.

Sexually active people are more attractive

For instance, men with higher testosterone levels might be drawn to women with more feminine faces (i.e. big eyes, high eyebrows, and thin jawlines).

testosterone boosts desire for all genders, despite the fact that we typically identify oestrogen with women and testosterone with males.


Spending a lot of time with someone tends to build attraction, and physical touch (where it's appropriate, of course) also has a tendency to hasten the process.

Quality time

It makes perfect logic that being kind makes people more desirable. It improves people's likeability.


We are drawn to people who are something unlike us not only so that our offspring would benefit from genetic diversity, but also because they might just make up for what we lack (for instance, maybe they are amazing cooks and we are not).

Opposites attract

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