Why Texas is shipping migrants to New York, Chicago, and D.C.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) doesn't like unauthorised immigration from South and Central America. So he sends them to Democratic-run "sanctuary cities" like New York, Chicago, and D.C.
Abbott's stance: If cities want undocumented migrants, let them in.

Chicago will join Washington, D.C., and New York City as a drop-off location, Abbott said last month. He added: "I look forward to seeing this obligation in action as migrants receive assistance from a sanctuary city that can serve them.
"The unexpected immigrants are straining these cities. Why does Texas send migrants to Democratic cities? Result? It's all here.

State governments don't normally do this.
CNN claims that "migrants are screened by officials, freed, and allowed to move throughout the U.S." Many southern border newcomers stay in Texas, but some "find their way to other regions of the country." Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas blasted Abbott for not working with federal agencies.

Isn't immigration a federal responsibility? 

It's a political ploy. The New York Times claimed in April that the busing scheme was meant to "shake up the Biden administration." Abbott wants to raise attention to what he and other Republicans call President Biden's failed immigration policies amid record border crossings.

So why is Texas doing this, then?

The Biden Administration said it would lift pandemic-era immigration restrictions in March. A federal judge suspended the order in May, but the Border Patrol has arrested 1.82 million migrants this fiscal year. Abbott wasn't pleased. "Texas shouldn't shoulder the weight of the Biden Administration's border failure," he moaned. So, busing was planned.

Yes. The Texas Tribune stated in April that "the governor's office reiterated that the programme is fully voluntary for migrants" Late in August, the state had paid $12 million to ferry 9,000 migrants to New York and D.C., or $1,700 each person.

Do the migrants have a choice in the matter?

Themselves. Chicago says it's received 125 Texans without notice from Abbott or his state administration. "I'm frustrated by Texas' governor," Mayor Lightfoot remarked this week. He could coordinate and cooperate, but he doesn't.

How are sanctuary cities coping?

The Times observes that New York has struggled to accommodate newcomers. The city's early response "was marred by weeks of flailing and blunders," including difficulty providing food, diapers, and medical care. Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has frequently asked the Department of Defense for help, but has been denied. She proclaimed a state of emergency Thursday so the city can ensure "a compassionate, efficient, welcome process"

Yup. Pew Research claims that some migrants "get off the buses before Washington and New York." Why? Because these places are pricey, especially for newbies. So they stop in red states with lower costs of living. That includes Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, however some buses no longer stop after Republican objections.

Is there a twist?

Tensions may rise further. New York City Mayor Eric Adams is sending a delegation to Texas to see how migrants are treated. "We will continue to welcome asylum seekers with open arms as we learn more about the process," he added, adding New York officials aim to "examine firsthand the purportedly horrific conditions" in Texas. Migrants who arrived to the U.S. seeking better lives are being utilised as political footballs.

What happens next? 

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