Your Weekly Horoscope Will Guide You Through The Bumps In The Road

Start the week by learning something new when the new moon is in Gemini and your communication zone on Monday. If there’s a subject you’re interested in studying, Aries, check it out! However, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about or you won’t stay focused for long.


With the Mercury retrograde ending later this week, you’ll be renewed by the new moon in your sign on Monday. This new and positive energy brings the perfect time to reinvent yourself, especially after the retrograde burned your reputation to a crisp. Use this lunar cycle to get to know yourself again, Gemini.


After a stressful Mercury retrograde season, you’re going to need a rest during the new lunar cycle when the moon is in Gemini and your privacy zone on Monday. 


The Mercury retrograde ends later this week, but you can start doing some networking during the Gemini new moon on Monday. 


The moon in your career zone gives you great ideas for how to boost your reputation, but you need to focus if you want to be successful.


Make an effort to initiate new projects when the new moon is in Gemini on Monday. The moon in your expansion zone can feed your spirit for adventure and help you see the world from a different point of view. 


Monday. This could be a night of major transformation in your personal life, Scorpio. A conversation could lead to a bonding experience that changes your relationship forever.