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Want to become a The Sail News blog writer?

Would you like to share your marketing knowledge with a live audience? Do you have a hot topic, some advice, or some unique insights that you believe will get people talking?

if you’re interested in becoming our next regular content contributor, please let us know!

On our website, we appreciate excellent content in all areas of interest. Our website receives tens of thousands of visitors per month. You can give us your work by sending it to us via email at


Within 12 hours, we will update your content on our website and present you with the Live URL. Please be ensure that your content is unique. If you duplicated, we will not be able to put it on our blog.

Write For Us Blog Article Guidelines

1)- Only use original and unique content.
2)- Do not submit duplicate content; doing so will result in the deletion of your entire account and the blocking of your ID.
3)- Include a featured image when sharing content. (Image size: 1200 x 670 pixels) [Avoid using stock photographs that offer no value to the copy.]
4)- The minimal word count for posting content is 900.
5)- Use a conversational, natural tone when writing. Avoid keyword stuffing and break up your material to make it easier to read.
6)- If you want to add your link to our website, you must have at least 1000 visitors every day.
7)- In order to attract viewers, please choose a catchy title for your material.
8)- The article’s focus keyword must have at least 1,000 searches per month. (Audience members)
9)- Do not submit an article that has previously been published on the internet.